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for a little longer.

May. 7th, 2004 | 11:08 am
mood: happyhappy
music: alkaline trio - mr. chainsaw

my semester at london metropolitan is pretty much officially done. i have to go to the printmaking studio today and pick up my prints and my assignment submission form, then take a couple of things by the international office. then i will be done.

i got my accomodation confirmation for the last couple of weeks i'm staying here in the house - i get to keep my same room and kennie will be staying in the room next door. he gets here on tuesday and i can't wait. we're going to have the best time.

this afternoon i have to pay my final telephone bill (a whole 54 pence!!) and turn in my handset they gave us at the beginning of the year. no phone, no internet for the rest of my stay here in london. i'll probably manage to use the internet at school or at an internet cafe sometime before i leave, and at least i have the mobile phone that gunduz got for me so mommy and daddy can call me. it's still a pain not to have a landline phone though, just as a matter of convenience.

enjoying my weekend.
kennie arrives tuesday, may 11th.
here in london until the morning of sunday the 16th.
flying from heathrow to paris.
staying in paris until wednesday the 19th.
flying from paris to london to make a connecting flight to amsterdam.
staying in amsterdam from wednesday to saturday the 19th.
and flying back to london that afternoon.

kennie's last full day in london is sunday - the next day after we get back from amsterdam - and i'll take him to gatwick or at least to victoria on monday, which is the day before i leave. so monday will be my last full day in london, and i'm sure i'll take full advantage of it. gunduz will help me pack and help me get to the airport, which will be very helpful since it's a chore to lug all of my suitcases myself.

so, i'm going to fix some lunch, shower, call and cancel my internet and be on my way. mom and daddy have my cell number, and i'm still very happy here in london. two and a half weeks and i'll be back in the states, and everyone could clobber me and hug me to death and i wouldn't mind.

this semester has gone by so fast.

it's not over yet, but i'm sure i'll be ready to come back to north carolina when i'm on my way to the airport tuesday the 25th.

so i'll see you then.

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night before.

May. 4th, 2004 | 11:23 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: alkaline trio - private eye

i picked up three rolls of developed film from my trip to rome today, so that will be among all the things i have to show people when i get home.

i've wanted to write about all that happened over break - in kent, england and in rome, but it's so much. and there is so much else to do. break ended a couple of weeks ago and here it is the last week of the semester. it's gone by so quickly, but i still have another three weeks here.

three weeks here exactly, in fact. three weeks from today i will be back home in winston-salem.

it was great having mom and daddy here over break.
we went to lots of pubs - had many glasses of wine, many pints, and lots of good conversation.
i've missed them so much.
and now that they're back home, i miss them all over again.
the english countryside is beautiful and has lots of very precious lambs.
you can see france from the south coast of england, specifically in deal.
the roads in england are narrow, and the smaller your car is, the better.
and always keep left.

the first couple of days in rome was scary.
never been anywhere where i didn't speak the language.
wasn't in the best part of town, but it wasn't that bad.
things got better once we got out and started seeing things.
i have so many pictures of the colosseum, roman forum, st. peter's and others.
and i saw the pope.
he was little.
and he says hi.

going back to class when you've been away for so long traveling and not doing schoolwork is very difficult, especially when you know you only have a couple of weeks left in the semester. but, this is the last week of class. last wednesday was my last reading and interpretation class, today was my last printmaking and art in london class, and tomorrow is my final assessment for french. at 10am. i'm not especially looking forward to it, but i know i'll be glad to get it out of the way.

this morning i was changing lines on the tube on my commute to whitechapel when i saw on a notice board that the district and circle line services had been suspended because of fire alerts at blackfriars station. an underground worker approached me when i was walking to the platform and i thought he was going to say something regarding the delays and that i needed to find an alternative route (i was going to the hammersmith and city line, which comes to the same platform as circle line at the station i was at), so i stopped when he started talking to me. i couldn't hear him over all the people in the corridor and the announcement on the loudspeaker, but then i heard him say something like "you have beautiful eyes...absolutely stunning" and i just walked away. he stopped me for no reason but to hit on me, and i almost missed my train. i don't feel flattered by strangers that hit on me. i just feel creeped out.

since today was my last printmaking class and i was supposed to have my final assessment, i didn't think that i would do any printing. but i did, and i probably made around 8-10 prints of the woodcut i carved out last week. most of the prints turned out pretty good, so i was pleased. i sorted through all of my work from the semester and put them in envelopes for david and nigel to look through, and i left an assignment submission form with them to sign and verify that i had completed work over the course of the semester with a note saying that i would be back to the studio either thursday or friday to pick up my prints and the form. another class out of the way, and it feels good.

from whitechapel i took the tube back to north campus and sat around waiting for my last art in london class to start. david (why are all of my instructors named david?) was a few minutes late, and when he got there he passed out course evaluation forms for us to fill out. after he picked them up he said that he would call each of us to give us back our midterms, our comparison papers, and our journals and show us our final grades. when everyone in the class had been called but me and two other people, he noticed i was restless, smiled and said: "don't worry sarah, i'll get to you." of course, i was the last person he called up to the desk he was at to go over grades. i sat down and asked me if he called me last because he didn't like me, and he said "no actually, you did the best, i wanted to save you for last."

midterm: A
first half of journal: A-
comparison paper: A
second half of journal: B+

he said such nice things.Collapse )

david said my first set of journal entries were better and that's why he scored the second half of my journal a little lower, and i told him that that was because the journal entries got more and more tedious to write as the semester went on. i wrote that in my course evaluation too. but, he seemed very pleased with my work and participation in the class, and i'm happy because of it.

it has been nasty and rainy for the majority of the day, and my room is cold. i wrote out a list of notes and certain things i think i should review before my french exam tomorrow, and i could stand to go over that a few times before i go to bed. which i want to do soon, so the sooner i get to studying the better.

because the sooner i get to sleep, the more better.

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for so long.

Apr. 19th, 2004 | 09:27 pm
mood: mellowmellow
music: bombshell rocks - 20 days

three weeks of non-stop everything.

mom and daddy.
tube rides.
english countryside.
glasses of wine.
good food.
wonderful people.
plane rides.

all of break seemed to go by so fast, probably because i feel like i didn't sit still for any part of it. i think i'll probably feel restless for the remainder of the semester unless i'm out or on my way somewhere because i'm so used to it now.

there's been so much that's gone on and so much that i've seen over the past three weeks and i've loved it.

mom and daddy left today.
classes started back today.
the days are longer.
only a couple weeks left in the semester.

a terribly long entry about everything will come later this week. when my head is not feeling like a big mess.

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wait here.

Apr. 1st, 2004 | 03:56 am
mood: sleepysleepy
music: alkaline trio - private eye

my first full day of break was very lazy, as it should be.

gunduz came over early this afternoon and we went down to holloway to grab some lunch and get a couple other things - it was absolutely gorgeous again today, and it better be tomorrow too. neither of us wore jackets or could believe how nice the weather was.

we ate at my favorite kebab shop which was delicious, as always. i always tell gunduz what i want and he orders for both of us - he usually orders in turkish since most (if not all) kebab shops are turkish. after he ordered he laughed a little and said "that guy didn't know i was turkish. when i started speaking turkish to him he said 'oh, you're turkish?' and i said 'yeah, of course man.'" the guy came around to bring us our drinks and our food later and he and gunduz would speak all friendly back and forth; i don't know much about the turkish culture, but they seem to be very warm and friendly to each other. gunduz had a cigarette after we both finished speaking and the guy came back with a small plate of baklava, on the house. baklava is possibly the most delicious thing ever. when gunduz paid the guy insisted on not charging us for the drinks, probably since gunduz is such a nice guy and i'm so pretty, you know.

stopped next door at an internet cafe to buy a phone card and then walked back up the street to a flower shop where i bought eireann a pretty potted flower for her birthday. i took the paper off it when we got back to the house and tied metallic pink, silver, and purple ribbon around me that lauren sent me in a package. we went over to her room to give it to her; she squealed when she saw it and gave us both big hugs.

i did my laundry tonight down in the basement and gunduz and i played a game of pool. and i watched tv for the first time in weeks and weeks - two episodes of the simpsons, in fact.

after gunduz went home i went back over to eireann's room. we talked for a while and decided we were hungry, so we fixed an obscenely late dinner and stayed in the kitchen for a long time talking.

mom and daddy are on a plane right now and they should be landing at gatwick in about 7 hours. why am i still awake?

i absolutely cannot wait to see them.

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so you say.

Mar. 30th, 2004 | 10:35 pm
mood: relievedrelieved
music: reggie and the full effect - mood 4 luv

went to french class yesterday.
got frustrated because i cannot speak french.
had a late dinner with eireann and put off writing my paper for too long.
and ended up staying up half the night to finish it.

(even though someone said he gave us an extention.
i didn't want to have anything to worry about over break.
so i got it done.)

grumbled at my alarm clock when it went off this morning.
showered, got ready and left the house by noon.
walked to north campus with another girl from the house talking about our plans for break.
printed my paper and grabbed lunch before getting on the tube.

got to the royal academy of arts in plenty of time to meet my class.
it was absolutely gorgeous outside today.
all day long.
sat in the courtyard drawing in my sketchbook waiting for class to start.
turned in my paper and was one of the only one's in the class to do so.
i guess word got around that he had granted us until april 20th to get it done.
but i'm already done and they are not.

went to the philip guston exhibition.
i don't find some of guston's painting aesthetically pleasing.
but i do like them conceptually and symbolically.
it was an interesting lecture.

my spring break officially started when i left royal academy around 4.
went to victoria station and scouted out a place to meet up with mom and daddy on thursday.
took the tube home and found mail in my mailbox downstairs from dr. thompson.
he sent me clippings from newspapers and photocopies of articles about london.
he is the greatest and most thoughtful advisor in the world.

eireann came by my room a little while after i got back to the house.
she said it was a nice day for a picnic and i agreed.
so we packed up a couple of bags full of food and went to hampstead heath.
it has lots of cute windowshopping stores.
there was a pond outside one of the parks.
we fed a couple of canadian geese the rest of a loaf of bread we packed.
i got them to take it out of my hand.
i know i miss having a pet around when i talk to geese like i talk to my cat.

found a quiet bench on the side of a hill.
it would've been a beautiful view of the city, but it was too hazy to see much.
we made peanutbutter sandwiches and complained about how cold it got once the sun went down.
decided it was too cold to stay at the park, so we went back to the tube.
but we stopped and had coffee and ice cream on the way.

mom and daddy will be here in less than 36 hours.
i will knock them over at the train station.

my room is warm and i'm tired from staying up so late to write my paper.
but tonight i'll catch up on sleep.
and i'm staying in bed as long as i want to tomorrow.

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catching up.

Mar. 28th, 2004 | 06:07 pm
mood: complacentcomplacent
music: reggie and the full effect - happy v-day

i decided when i woke up friday morning that i would go to city campus to do a little bit of research for the paper i have to write for art in london. i'm comparing a painting by velazquez to a painting by van gogh, and even though i won't have any trouble comparing the paintings themselves i thought i would go and get some biographical information about the artists' lives.

i was on the only one standing on the platform while i was waiting for the train on friday afternoon and the only person in the carriage when i boarded the train. it was full by the time we got to kings cross-st. pancras though, because there are always a lot of people who change lines there.

there was a very cute baby sitting across the carriage from me for part of the trainride, and i kept wishing he would smile so i could see how many teeth he had; he was probably a year old or so. the man sitting directly across from him got him to smile and he just had four of his top front teeth. i caught him looking at me a couple of times including when i was changing lines at moorgate, and i tried to keep myself from smiling like a total idiot because of this curious little baby.

i probably only spent an hour or so in the library taking notes about velazquez and van gogh, then packed up my stuff and made my way back to the train. it was still early afternoon - before 4 - so i decided i would go to tate modern for the rest of the afternoon and see the brancusi and donald judd exhibitions on display there.

i could've spent more time than i did going through the exhibitions, but i still enjoyed myself. between exhibitions i got a coffee and went out on one of the balconies that face the river, millennium bridge and st. paul's cathedral.

the museum is in the process of rehanging some of the galleries so some of the rooms where blocked off, but i went to see my favorite rothko before i left. oh, and i tripped and almost fell going up the stairs when i was leaving. that was nice and embarrassing.

there was a guy playing guitar outside the museum right on the walkway that went along the river who sounded really good. i had been listening to him while i was having my coffee on the balcony earlier and he sang "all you need is love" and "penny lane." i really liked his voice and saw that he had cds for sale, so as i was leaving i went up to him between songs and bought one. he noticed my accent and asked how long i had been here and where i was from, so i told him i was from north carolina. he smiled and thanked me and said he would play "carolina in my mind" for me. i put his cd in my bookbag and started walking back to the bridge to cross, but before i got there i heard "in my mind i'm gone to carolina..." and i turned around and smiled. it was so nice to walk over the river on the millennium bridge, looking at st. paul's and tower bridge and listening to a james taylor song. it made me even more impatient to have mom and daddy here, but i couldn't help smiling to myself. no one around knew that he was playing that song for me, but i did and that was enough.

i decided not to go straight back to the tube station once i crossed the bridge of to st. paul's since it was still early evening - it hadn't started to get dark yet and i didn't want to get on the train and go straight home. so i thought i would just walk around a while. after i walked a mile or so i recognized where i was - gunduz and i had caught the bus there after we had left the pub a few times before, so i knew i wasn't too far from the crosse keys. i thought if i told gunduz later that i was that close to the pub and didn't stop in to say hi that he might be mad at me, and it was just a short walk from the monument tube station.

i got to the pub a little after 6 on friday afternoon and it was absolutely packed. i eventually got up to the bar and stood there waiting to be served and waiting to catch gunduz's eye - he was running around from register to register taking orders with two or three other people working behind the bar. after standing there for two or three minutes anna, a girl who works there that i've met a few times, saw me and waved. i waved back, smiled, and watched her walk over to gunduz on the other side of the bar and whisper something to him. he pulled back from her looking shocked before he twisted his neck everywhere trying to see me, then finally he saw me standing at the register facing the front door. he smiled really big and waved me over to the register he was working at, so i fought my way through the crowd of people again over to him.

gunduz knew i wanted a pint of carling even before i ordered and i stood at the bar for a few minutes talking to him while he poured drinks for other customers. he told me his break wasn't until 8 but if i wanted i could wait around and he would get us some dinner during his break. i didn't have any other plans for the night and i had a pint to drink, so i told him i would wait for him upstairs on the balcony with a good view of the bar and overlooks the rest of the pub. i drew and wrote in my sketchbook a lot and would peek down at him at the bar every so often.

simon, one of the guys who comes to play soccer every weekend, brought our food up to the table a couple of minutes before gunduz's break started, then gunduz came up and brought us a couple of cans of coke. we ate quickly since he only had a half hour break and i went outside with him while he smoked before i left. he told me to meet him at the pub the last night around 6:45 because they stop serving at 7 and he got off work at 8. he promised to take me to take me to the new zombie movie last night and i was more than excited about it.

so i ended up back at the pub last night before 7 just like he had said, and for the first time ever he wasn't working the bar when i got there. i sat at the staff table and read a newspaper while i waited for them to clear the rest of the customers out of the pub and start cleaning up; i talked to a couple girls who work at the pub, laura and suzanna, and they're both really sweet. the manager promised them all a drink if they stayed a little later and rolled cutlery, so the four of us sat there rolling knives and forks in napkins for about half an hour.

when we left a little after 8:30 gunduz had his backpack with his workclothes shoved in it. as we were walking down the street to catch the bus he pulled out his phone and called home - i knew he was calling home because he was speaking in turkish. (i love that.) he hung up the phone and had a stupid smile on his face and told me we were stopping by his house to drop his bag off before we went to the movie and that i could meet his mom and sister. they moved to london from turkey when gunduz was 4, so gunduz speaks perfect english and (mostly) has a british accent, as does his sister, but his mom speaks little to no english at all. she knows we hang out a lot and i just didn't want her to think badly of me, and i'm usually nervous when i meet my friends' parents anyway.

we got to his house and he took off his shoes as soon as he walked in the door and i did the same - there was a nice little pile of other people's shoes by the door too. gunduz's sister was in the living room at the end of the hall with their little cousin who she and her mom were watching for the night, and she smiled at me and said hi when she saw me. his cousin is around 18 months old i think and has curly curly brown hair. he's adorable and he adores gunduz. gunduz was talking to him in turkish and throwing him up into the air and catching him and his cousin was just squealing. we had been sitting in the living room for just a few minutes when his mom came back from a neighbors house and came up to me sitting on the couch. she took my hand and leaned down to kiss me once on each cheek then sat down with gunduz, his sister and me. she asked if i was fine and i smiled and said i was; i think that's about as much english as she knows, but she's very sweet.

gunduz and i left after 20 minutes or so and caught the bus back to west end and went to leicester square in soho to find a theatre that was playing dawn of the dead. one of the theatres in leicester square was playing it, but the next showing was a little after midnight and the area was so crowded. i was disappointed but shrugged it off and suggested we just go get something to eat. i was hungry and recommended going to the kebab shop we've gone to a few times close to the house, so he agreed and we walked through the huge crowd of people and waited for a bus on the other side of piccadilly circus.

there wasn't a night bus that would take us straight back to holloway from oxford circus, so we got off at angel to change buses. suddenly gunduz remembered that there was a theatre at the big shopping center in angel that we could check to see if it was playing at, so we went upstairs to look. they were playing it, but it was the same 12:10 time it was going to be playing at leicester square. he knew how badly i wanted to see it and seeing a scary movie late at night is really the only way to see it, so along with manager behind the ticket desk i managed to persuade him to buy tickets for the 12:10 showing.

we had more than an hour to kill before the movie, so we went to a different kebab shop in the area gunduz knew to get a little bit of supper. it was good (as all the turkish food i've had has been) and went back to the theatre to get some popcorn and get good seats.

zombies! nrrrgggghhh!

it was later after we got out of the movie - almost 3, i think - and we had to wait forever for the bus back to holloway. there were plenty of people leaving the bars and clubs around, which meant plenty of drunk people. i swear i saw at least five fights last night, mostly just drunk people being irrational and wanting to start something with someone who accidently bumps into them.

it was definitely a late night, but i haven't been out that late the entire time i've been here. i had a good time even though we got a later start on our evening than we expected since he stayed at work a little longer, but i enjoyed meeting his mom and sister and i was glad we got to go to the movie after all.

it's daylights savings here now, so i'm now 6 hours ahead of the east coast and 7 hours ahead of the midwest. the five hour time difference is enough to deal with - why is england so anxious to be even further ahead? silly england.

countdown to mom and daddy coming to london: 4 days!

tonight: french homework, pasta for dinner, maybe writing a little on my art in london paper, and maybe painting in eireann's room for a while.

i've been here exactly two months today.

all that's standing in the way of three weeks of easter break, me seeing mom and daddy and a four day trip to rome are two classes and one 1200 word paper. my break officially starts after my art in london class finishes around 4 on tuesday afternoon and mom and daddy will be here thursday morning.

i cannotcannotcannot wait.

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little by little.

Mar. 25th, 2004 | 06:07 pm
mood: goodgood
music: social distortion - when she begins

i almost got mixed up yesterday morning when i was leaving for my reading and interpretation class - for some reason i thought i was going to the royal academy of arts for class instead of the courtauld gallery. we're going to royal academy next week for my art in london class, but luckily i caught myself before i left and had it straight in my head i was taking the tube to charing cross and walking up to courtauld, not taking the tube to green park and going to royal academy.

it was drizzling on the strand when i was walking to the gallery. i wore my cute new cropped jeans yesterday and even though it was chilly outside i wasn't any more cold than i would've been wearing jeans that covered my entire legs (granted my cropped jeans come more than halfway down my calf, so i'm sure it wouldn't have made much difference to have jeans that completely covered my legs anyway.)

i was the first one there from my class that i could tell, so i went into the reception area of the gallery, sat on a bench, pulled out my sketchbook and wrote while i waited since i was a few minutes early. it got to be past time for class to start and not even georgina had shown up, so i started to feel like i wasn't in the right place. i always second-guess myself. i went outside and walked up to the street again to see if i could see anyone coming, and i recognized two girls from my class walking up to the gallery and instantly felt relieved. we only had to wait in the reception about five minutes before georgina showed up and we went up to the gallery rooms. i had already been to courtauld once before for art in london class, but i didn't mind going back - there were a few rooms that we didn't get a chance to go in, and the impressionist paintings they have are definitely worth looking at again.

some of the rooms were closed because they're re-hanging the collection, so class finished plenty early and we all went down to the cafe for coffee.

i spend some of my wednesdays going to museums and galleries and having coffee in lovely cafes. it is a wonderful feeling.

i was meeting gunduz at piccadilly circus around 1:45, so since class finished so early i took my time walking back to the tube. he was already waiting for me at the fountain when i got there, so we went and had lunch at nearby leicester square. after lunch we bought tickets to see the passion of the christ at 4, which was the most intense and emotionally draining movie i have ever seen. i cried five or six different times during the movie, and gunduz reached over to cover my eyes a couple of times. i know it's caused a lot of controversy for different reasons, but it is undeniably a very powerful film.

and last night was just another quiet night at the house watching a movie with gunduz and eireann, snacking on crisps and cadbury creme eggs.

i slept really well last night and had been laying in my bed awake for a while when leah knocked on my door around noon. she wanted to see if i wanted to go to sta travel and see about booking our hotel for rome since she got her bank card in the mail from her mom yesterday. went to sta, got seen right away, booked our hotel and were home again before 6. all set to go to rome in a little over three weeks!

and it is officially less than a week before mom and daddy get here!!

i think i'll go to eireann's room tonight and paint and talk to her for a while. i'll just fix a sandwich or something small for dinner. no plans for tomorrow. yet.

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without fail.

Mar. 23rd, 2004 | 05:13 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: tiger army - neobamboom

my room looks so much neater once i clean everything up and get everything off the floor. i even vaccumed since the hoover (so british, hah) has been sitting in our hall the past couple of days. so now my room is nice and tidy, but my guinness st. patrick's day banner will not stay up. i've tried blu-tak and double-sided adhesive strips and it's fallen both times. i'll get it to stay up somehow, some way.

another morning in the printmaking studio. i think i made four or five woodcut prints and managed to get ink all over my hands and my apron too, since i used it to wipe my messy hands off with. luckily we're using water-based ink so most of it comes off with soap an water, though it's harder to wash off from around my nails.

my art in london class was going to the victoria and albert museum and the serpentine gallery this afternoon, so leah and i decided to leave printmaking and go straight there to make sure we got there in time and just eat lunch around south kensington where the museums are. we walked a good ways down the street from the museum to a mcdonalds, and when we were leaving it was starting to drizzle. before we had even walked a block it was raining harder. and then it began to hail. little pieces of hail - probably smaller than an eraser on a pencil - but it was still hailing. we ran from awning to awning in the rain and hail trying to avoid puddles best we could and laughing it off that we had a good 1/4 mile to walk back to the museum.

of coure the rain and hail had stopped right when we got to the entrance, but that's england for you. completely unpredictable weather.

while we were waiting for class to start i was standing around and talking karen (leah's roommate) and rachel (another girl who lives in our house), and rachel mentioned how she and another girl were going to glasglow and edinburgh this weekend. she looked at me and said "you're welcome to come too, sarah" and my eyes just widened. i thought it was really sweet of her to invite me, but i don't think i'll go. i think she said the train ticket was around £40 and she said she wasn't sure where they were staying yet. plus i should probably save money for when we go to italy.

our class met up at 2:15 and we went to a couple of rooms in the v&a for about half an hour, then we left to walk all the way up to hyde park and the serpentine gallery. by then the sun had come out and it was gorgeous outside; it was very tempting just to sneak off and walk around the park for the afternoon, and a lot of us in the class tried to persuade david to let us, but we went to the gallery anyway.

class ended a few minutes early and leah and i went back to the tube station to take the train back home. and for once i'm home before 5.

i think it's so exciting that so many people from the house are traveling - there were several people in my art in london class that went to dublin for st. patrick's day and i know a lot of people here have already been to paris since we've been here. jess, the girl who lives next door to me, went to paris this weekend and left for spain yesterday - she'll be back on thursday i think. rachel is going to scotland this weekend and staying until the end of june; i think she said she's going to wales, ireland, germany, poland and italy when the semester ends. i've been having dreams ever since i got here almost two months ago that it's almost time to go back to the states, and i dream that i haven't been anywhere or traveled much. and hearing all of these people go to all of these wonderful places makes me want to go even more. i know i just need the time and money (and maybe the people) to go with.

but i've got another two months here. i'm sure a lot can happen before then.

including when mom and daddy come in 8 days!

i'm glad the sun came out this afternoon. i reallyreallyreally cannot wait.

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Mar. 22nd, 2004 | 06:11 pm
mood: pleasedpleased
music: hot water music - old rules

saturday night was full of...not going out. eireann came by a little before 8 and wanted to see if i wanted to go with her to kentish town to a show of cure cover bands which didn't sound like too bad of a night. i told her i was expecting gunduz to call when he got off work at 8 and i wanted to make some dinner before we left, but she said that was fine since the show was from 8-2am. i told her i would come by after i got off the phone and we could make dinner, get ready and go.

i peeked into the kitchen on my way to eireann's room after gunduz called and there were already four or five girls from the house in there cooking, which was crowded enough without eireann and me being in there. eireann decided we could paint in her room for a while and wait for the other people to clear out of the kitchen before we made dinner, so we sat down in her floor and talked while we painted the covers of some old books she bought at a thrift store. we ended up talking for an hour and a half or two hours, and when eireann looked over her shoulder at the clock it was well past 11. she just shrugged and said "looks like we're not going to the show, that's ok," and continued talking and painting.

we decided at 1:30 that dinner sounded like a pretty good idea, so we moved our conversation into the kitchen and made a pot of pasta. i don't remember what time i went to bed, but i know it was pretty late.

gunduz said on the phone saturday night that he was going to come over to pick me up as soon as he got up but didn't know what time that would be, so i told him not to be surprised if i was still in bed when he came by. i got up a little after 11 and he still hadn't shown up, but the downstairs buzzer rang before noon and i went down to let him in.

he didn't greet me with a "good morning" or anything like that, but a "please tell me you've had a shower." instead of having the soccer match at 3 like they usually do, they had moved it to 2 at the same place they had had it last week. we needed to leave an hour before the match started to get there on time, which gave me a little less than an hour to get ready. and of course, i need longer than that because i'm a girl and, well, i just take a long time to get ready. i knew that with my luck it would probably be really windy, rainy and cold at the park, so i opted not to take a shower and just take a hot shower once we got back to the house.

so i got ready, pulled my hair back, put my coat on and we left for the tube station. gunduz kept saying "i'm dead, i'm so dead" on the way because we were running late, and he was afraid that they would trample him once he showed up. i was right about it being cold and windy at the park, and i took a seat on a bench near the field where they were playing and watched with my coat around me and gunduz's coat over my legs. because i'm wonderful i went and got gunduz and his co-workers a big 2 liter bottle of water to share then returned to my seat on the bench, pulled out my umbrella and grumbled when it started to rain and get windier. gunduz kept looking at me from the field, laughing and shrugging and yelling "sorry babe!" luckily the rain passed pretty quickly and the sun even came out. there was even a faint rainbow and it made me so happy.

stopped by the camden head pub after the game and had dinner - pasta and a pint of carling - gunduz's treat for making me sit in the rain and watch them play soccer. i like going to the games and i like watching soccer, but i don't like sitting in the cold rain or the gusting wind. but i had beer and dinner to make up for it, so it was worth it.

we left the pub, walked back to the tube station, and made our way back to the house just as it was getting dark. i took a hot shower while gunduz played on my computer, then eireann came by and watched a movie with us. after he went home and she went back to her room later, i started on my french homework and talked to mom and daddy on the phone. they will be here in nine days and i will knock them over with hugs when i pick them up at victoria station.

i slept hard and woke up at 11 when my alarm went off. got ready and left for french class at 1:30 and made it just in time. class went well as usual, and i stopped by the same department store i had been to the other day to try on the clothes i didn't get to on saturday afternoon since the store was closing. bought a few things, went to the grocery store and bought a couple more things including some wine to have with my dinner tonight.

tomorrow is my last day of class in printmaking before break; we're doing woodcuts and my block is all cut and ready to print. my art in london class is going to the victoria and albert museum tomorrow afternoon, and i have my essay due in there next tuesday so i'll need to do that sometime this week. not took worried about it - i told david what i wanted to write on and he said that sounded fine. and i'm doing really well in the class too (note: my awesome grades from the midterm and journal i got back last week.)

i think i'll clean my room a little tonight, maybe take some pictures and make some yummy pasta for dinner in a little while. and it's pretty chilly outside, so i think i'll be keeping my window shut for the night.

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another two days.

Mar. 20th, 2004 | 06:19 pm
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music: offspring - i wanna be sedated

it was already gray (surprise!) when i woke up yesterday, and not long after i got up it was pouring down rain. hard. sideways. i decided that there was really no reason for me to go out at all yesterday, so i had a nice little shut-in day here at the house. did my laundry, took a shower, straightened my room a little bit. kept to myself.

i got up before noon this morning and took my time getting in the shower. i eventually got dressed and finished getting ready, deciding i would go to national portrait gallery between leicester square and trafalgar square for the afternoon. the walk to the tube station was windy and drizzly and i got too frustrated to deal with my umbrella getting blown all over, so i just decided to do without it. my glasses were dotted with rain, so i just tucked them into my jacket until i could get to the station.

i hate people that bump into me on the train or anywhere really and don't say excuse me. maybe i expect too much from people. gunduz has told me before not to worry about it and not to expect people to act any differently - "this is london, babe."

so people bumped into me all afternoon. on the train, in the station, on the street, in national portrait gallery. i went through the museum pretty quickly - i feel kind of guilty when i don't take my time. saw some things i really liked, but when i went to the gift shop downstairs a lot of the portraits i liked weren't for sale as postcards. didn't buy anything, but i'm sure i'll be back within the next couple of months.

i was waiting to use the atm when some guy flat-out barged into me, slamming his shoulder into mine. part of me just wanted to slug him in the back or just yell at him and ask him what his problem was, but i guess i'm too passive for that. there were people already at both atm's, and i was first in line to use one once they finished. but some jackass walked right in front of me just as one of them were walking away. i clenched my teeth and burned a hole through the back of his head. when the other atm became free and i went up to it, i hope he saw me and felt sorry for having been such a jackass. jackass.

it had stopped raining and the sun had even come out a little, but as windy and chilly as it was i still thought coffee sounded nice. there's a coffeeshop in trafalgar square, sort of underground, that i had gone to on valentine's day so i decided to go there.

trafalgar square was packed with people for an anti-war demonstration with banners, signs, and all sorts of things scribbled on the sidewalk with chalk. i stood there for a few minutes looking at all the people, reading the banners, watching the huge tv screens, listening to the people singing down on the stage. i don't know why but i started to get really upset and teary, so walked quickly up to the national gallery and went downstairs to the bathrooms. i went into one of the stalls and just cried. i couldn't hear the loudspeakers from inside and i was grateful; i don't know what upset me so much. i don't mean to be so tenderhearted. i picked up a couple of little fliers off the ground as i was leaving trafalgar square, but i didn't want to stay around any longer.

i went back up to the tube station at leicester square and it was absolutely packed. i couldn't even walk on the platform until the first train came and took most of the people away, and i managed to catch the second eastbound train toward holloway. i stopped at a store and found some cute clothes i wanted to try on, but the dressing rooms close early and the store was closing, so i just hung the clothes back up and headed back up the street to the grocery store. bought a couple of things, bagged them, and trudged the rest of the way home in the wind.

one of the things i bought at the grocery store was a bag of pasta, so i'll be having that for dinner tonight. i'm going to put up the guinness st. patrick's day banner gunduz got me tonight too. not going out again tonight, i've had my share of being out today.

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